Turkey is a Stupid Place for US to Store Nuclear Weapons

By Dawn’s Early Light was based on William Prochnau’s novel, Trinity’s Child.

An aside note:  It’s the things we don’t know that frighten me the most.  I discovered some relatively unknown history about Turkish involvement with U.S. nuclear weapons while reading former Secret Service officer, Gary Byrne’s, Clinton tell-all.  Talking about his Air Force days as he establishes his his own credibility and character early in the book, Byrne writes:

“Arriving at Murtad, I learned that AFSP there had caught rogue Turkish officers trying to push an American F-104 Starfighter with a loaded nuke onto the flight line so they could steal a nuke and bomb Greece. Many Turks bitter about the Greco-Turkish War of 1919– 22 wanted a flash point to ignite a new war. I believe this was secretly why JFK took the nukes out of Turkey in 1962. Turks simply hate Greeks. We joked to each other, “Hey, if you’re not careful, I’ll tell the Turks you’re Greek!””

(Byrne, Gary J.. Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate (p. 9). Center Street. Kindle Edition.)

Beware Giving-Up Your Minds to Games like Pokemon Go

The Game (Star Trek: the Next Generation)

A lot of things that were mere speculation in the Star Trek franchise have come to fruition.  Check out the comments on this video after watching.  I’m not the only one thinking about this episode after the Pokemon Go craze started.

At which point will these enhanced-reality games evolve to a direct connection to humans? Will ‘enhanced reality’ be the next step toward transhumanism?

This episode of Star Trek (TNG) always bothered me.  The whole episode is available on Hulu.

Think about it . . . .

Jello Biafra: Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge defiance to the flag of the United Snakes of Captivity

And to the Republic for which it stands, I dip it in kerosene, and stick it up the ass of  you know who and light it

One nation, under God–or else

One nation, under psychopath Pentagon gangsters, whose idea of democracy is concentration camps for the people who go and use the drugs that the government supplies themselves

One nation, under Wall Street:

If the cops and the President are all criminals, I might as well be one too!

One Nation of tabloid robots who actually believe what they see on TV, but when ask about it say, “I don’t care.”

One nation, drowning in its own garbage

Indivisible from the from the fall of Rome

With liberty and justice for all who can afford it

What the . . . .