America’s Fletcher Memorial Home

After World War Two, Spandau prison was used to house convicted war criminals. Once the convictions begin in the United States for the crimes of treason, misprision of treason, and fraud, the United States will need to empty a prison to make room for its new class of inmates.

I propose renaming said prison — The Fletcher Memorial Home (or some rendition thereof) in homage to Roger Waters’ father.  The new prison should be heavily populated with live webcams with no place for privacy.  NO PLACE.  Every aspect of their lives should be available via the internet and should include social media.  Such an endeavor would be the first true reality show.  We could even do collective voting for what their meals and daily routines should be.

Too young to remember Spandau? Didn’t hear about it in your history classes? Too lazy to read history books from a variety of sources and perspectives?

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