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Coffee with Scott Adams (09-12-2016)

“This is the best election, ever!”

  • Trump releasing health records on Dr. Oz
  • Clinton’s collapse:  she can’t recover from it
  • Putin as an ally
  • Assange may have forthcoming leaks that may not be as big a deal as he believes them to be
  • The glass ceiling has been as shattered as it can get
  • Trump is being presidential — right in front of our eyes
  • Trump’s potential master-persuader handling of Clinton’s health during the debates


Beware Giving-Up Your Minds to Games like Pokemon Go

The Game (Star Trek: the Next Generation)

A lot of things that were mere speculation in the Star Trek franchise have come to fruition.  Check out the comments on this video after watching.  I’m not the only one thinking about this episode after the Pokemon Go craze started.

At which point will these enhanced-reality games evolve to a direct connection to humans? Will ‘enhanced reality’ be the next step toward transhumanism?

This episode of Star Trek (TNG) always bothered me.  The whole episode is available on Hulu.

Think about it . . . .