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Twitter Support Claims that They Fixed My Account, but They Didn’t. They Are Still Confused with My Complaint.

This is Twitter’s latest reply to my request to have my broken account fixed.

Twitter Support’s response to customer support ticket

This was my reply, which was nearly identical to the first support ticket;


Who informed you that the problem has been resolved?  It has NOT been resolved.  It worked for a few hours; then, it stopped working again.  I will use my band’s Twitter account as an example (again) for how my interactions don’t work with every account with which I attempt to interact.

If I post a reply to another account, (In this case it’s to @FralexNine) I see my tweets on my end.

This is how my replies to others’ tweets looks from my account.

When I log into my band’s Twitter account, I see NOTHING. This happens with every account with which I attempt to interact.  Look at this example, please:

This is what other accounts see when I reply to their tweets . . . NOTHING!

Something isn’t right.  I’m in a container or have some kind of restriction on my account and somebody at Twitter knows it.  Please do not close this ticket until Twitter fixes the problem.

I will continue to publicly document my interactions with Twitter Support / Twitter Blue on my blog until SOMEONE with enough clout makes something happen to fix the problem.

This is the blog post that I made last time.  EVERYONE who saw it understood what I was saying to Twitter Support — except for Twitter Support (apparently).

Today is literally my birthday.  Would you please just fix this for me?  That would be a perfect present.

– CD 

Why Won’t Twitter Blue / Twitter Support Remove the Shadow Ban from @CyberDurden’s Account?!

I paid the fucking $11 ransom!

I paid the fucking $11 ransom!

I paid the fucking $11 ransom!


How long does a ghost ban / shadow ban last? I insulted one person over a week ago and even removed the “offensive” tweet.

Why won’t Twitter Blue / Twitter Support work with users?

Why are there massive number of accounts throwing insults and using vulgarity without ever being shadow banned?

Why can’t paying subscribers get actual support?

This is what Twitter Support told me:

No timeframe. No reason for the the ban. (I know which tweet it was, and it wasn’t that bad.)

They just threw me in the “Boo Box.”

Will someone with some clout PLEASE elevate this post?

  • CD

Does This Explanation Regarding My Broken Account to Twitter Support Seem too Confusing?

My @CyberDurden Twitter account was reinstated — broken. My follower count didn’t repopulate and new followers after reinstatement were automatically unfollowed (without my involvement).

Also, other Twitter users were reporting to me that my replies to their posts were showing as unavailable or not appearing at all. On my end, they looked completely normal.


Twitter Support replied:

Click on image to expand

I decided to use a Tweet from my @CyberDurden account commenting on my band’s account, @FralexNine.  I will post a link for each and a screenshot for each.  (This happens with any account where I attempt interactions.)

My @CyberDurden account replying to @FralexNine:

Click on image to expand

My band’s account, @FralexNine, sees NOTHING from @CyberDurden:

Click on image to expand

I have had a mutual follower confirm the same with his account.  Nobody replies to my comments, because nobody is seeing them.

I further stated:

I’m not sure how to clarify it more.  My @CyberDurden account is broken.  I am replying to the void.  Tweets are only visible if users come to my page to see them.  If you have an account, that I attempt a reply, you can see for yourself. (unless there is something different about Twitter employees’ accounts, which is likely to be the case).

Twitter Is Intentionally Preventing CyberDurden from Filing an Appeal

My consigliere and I keep filing an appeal to restore my suspended account. We’ve typed many iterations to justify my appeal, but we’ve only started keeping a local copy of what he sends.

Each time that we file an appeal, Twitter responds with the following (each time with the different case number:

I am keeping track of everything, starting on 1-09-2023 and will continue to until Twitter stops with this mind-fuck-loop.

Please reinstate my account, under the new Twitter TOS. My account was suspended because it was reported for promoting violence, but it was only a clip from a Pink Floyd video mocking the Democrats for the way they marched the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The popular video from a popular song has students falling into a meat grinder. This is not illegal or a threat. I did comment, “grind ’em up,” but that was within the realm of booing the other ‘team’ and would not be considered a threat.

Twitter also added my compliment of another Twitter’s profile picture as a reason for the suspension. The comment might have been considered crass, but it is also not illegal. It is my understanding that Elon Musk does not consider comments that aren’t otherwise illegal as justification for suspension and that they will be unsuspended if no illegal tweets were made.

I have used the appropriate link to appeal my suspension, yet Twitter keeps notifying me that I’m using the wrong appeals link and sending me the same link that I keep using. Then Twitter closes the case number. The following four were only from yesterday.







0302873282 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bFPbX:ref] 1-11-2023

0303065860 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bG9LE:ref] 1-12-2023

0303124799 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bGN8u:ref] 1-12-2023

0303125873 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bEC9U:ref] 1-12-2023

0303126207 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bGNVZ:ref] 1-12-2023

0303127066 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bEC4j:ref] 1-12-2023

0303127319 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bEDEF:ref] 1-12-2023

0303127858 [ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w00002bEDPS:ref] 1-12-2023

My account was wrongly suspended during the fervor of the 2020 election results. Many well know influencers are having their account reinstated, yet I am stuck in this loop.

Again. I very respectfully ask Twitter to please reinstate my account.

This is the video that got me suspended:

Clip from Another Brick in the Wall part 2

If Elon Musk or any Twitter influencers with some pull can please elevate this, I would very much appreciate it.

— CD