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Mike Cernovich: Jewish Community Center Bombings (03-03-2017)

Mike Cernovich on Periscope:



Sean Dennis: Live at the Base of the Feather River in Oroville, California

Citizen journalist, Sean Dennis, has been making videos to keep the public updated on the situation at the Oroville Dam.    While reporting in this latest Periscope video, he was informed that the sheriff’s department was looking for him because of his coverage.

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Coffee with Scott Adams (11-08-2016)

This can be a companion video for Scott’s Blog post: The Last Confirmation Bias Test of This Election.

Scott Adams’ Periscope replays used to auto-delete after 24 hours.  I maintain the videos at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive and offline for historical purposes and for the public and media to use (right).  Twitter has already removed Vine.

These companion-posts are also useful as a searchable reference for Scott’s accumulating broadcasts .

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I make videos too!

4.8 Magnitude Quake in Macerata, Italy

Translated from: Scossa di magnitudo 4.8 nel Maceratese

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 3, 2016 – occurred at 1: 35 with a magnitude of 4.8 and epicenter in the province of Macerata the new strong shock of the earthquake which took place last night, it felt as far as Rome.

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology surveys (INGV), the quake has had hypocenter just 8.4 kilometers deep.

The epicenter was located 2 km away from Pieve Torina; 11-12 km from Visso, Ussita and Camerino; 17 from Preci (Perugia). The other common Macerata near the epicenter are Fiordimonte (3 km), Pievebovigliana (5 km), Rosskopf Muccia (6 km), Serravalle di Chienti and Fiastra (9 km) and Acquacanina (10 km).
Checks are being conducted of firefighters.

Coffee, Watching Trump, and Secrets with Scott Adams (09-16-2016)

“Is this a story?  It feels like it; doesn’t it?”

These can also be a companion-videos for Scott’s blog post:  Trump and Birtherism – update.

  • Trump’s Tonight Show appearance
  • Trumps alleged racism
  • In Scott’s neighborhood, if you want to hire help that won’t steal from you, hire a Mexican
  • Hillary and drinking while taking her medications
  • Secret Service agents spilling the beans on Hillary

All of Scott Adams’ Periscope replays auto-delete after 24 hours.  More videos are at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive.

You can follow Scott Adams’ Periscope broadcasts from his Twitter account: @ScottAdamsSays

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