Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee or Tea with Scott Adams from London (10-11-2016)


  • We’ve basically whittled our presidential decision down to the candidates’ private thoughts.
  • “So, you think the GOP sabotaged it’s own candidate?” (And it begins to unravel on ‘Pussygate’!)
  • Scott is sticking to his prediction of 98%  of winning in a landslide
  • Poll numbers do not have credibility anymore
  • War with Russia and terrorist cell phones
  • A market collapse is going to happen
  • Carrie Fisher says that Trump’s sniffing signifies cocaine? (Confirmation bias?)
  • Trump’s pacing and the fly that God sent
  • Story of Bill Clinton’s ‘illegitimate’ son and maintaining the black vote
  • The outcome of the election now depends on the appearance of a black swan
  • The last question of the debate

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One thought on “Coffee or Tea with Scott Adams from London (10-11-2016)”

  1. Drove 60 miles into town today to do shopping and get a massage. Didn’t see ONE HRC poster or bumper sticker, only Trump stuff everywhere. Asked people at WalMart, Home Depot, etc. about the election…not one Hillary fan at all. Don’t believe the lying polls, this is a revolution, Mr Trump will be our next president. But he can’t change it on his own. After his inauguration we must all do what we can where we are to make America great again.

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