Coffee with Scott Adams (08-27-2016)

This can also serve as the video companion to Scott’s blog post:  The Mental Vote.


  • You can never have too much coffee.
  • Deciding whether or not to accept invitation to do InfoWars interview.
  • Is Scott Adams influencing the election?
  • How to become more ‘alpha.’
  • Clinton press-conference blackout and Trump African-American audience.
  • Is third-wave feminism lowering testosterone and libidos in Millennial males?
  • Julian Assange likely to release more Clinton revelations a week before absentee balloting begins.
  • Clinton attacked over 40% of American citizens as “racist” — something Trump has never done.
  • Trump displays the ability and willingness to change per the will of the public.
  • Why Trump could never go rogue and initiate a nuclear attack.

All of Scott Adams’ Periscope replays auto-delete after 24 hours.  More videos are at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive.

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(On a personal note — I am in awe over the contrast between people’s belief in an imaginary rogue President Trump and the very real public ignorance  or concern that the United States has, at this very moment, 50+ nuclear weapons in jeopardy at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base.  I’ve blogged, before, that Turkey is a Stupid Place for US to Store Nuclear Weapons.  Most people, when I ask, are unaware or don’t give a shit about the events that continue to unfold at Incirlik, including discussions about Russia being given access to the base.  I have no hate for Russia,  In fact, I admire Russia’s reserve and cool-headedness as the U.S. again ‘pokes the Bear,’ but the notion of Russia at Incirlik is significant.

I was in the Air Force during a different chapter of my life, and I worked exclusively with the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) for a period of that time.   I really appreciate Scott Adams’  closing comments regarding the fiction of a rogue president initiating a nuclear strike.  There have been a few real close-calls though.)

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