Coffee with Scott Adams (09-05-2016)

This could also be a video-companion for Scott’s blog post, today:  Why Trump Doesn’t Scare Me.


  • Trump appears to be running unopposed (as predicted this time last year)
  • Hillary’s health
  • Scott isn’t afraid of the dark  (he has a mental flashlight)
  • The future of Trump’s immigration policy
  • Trump’s and Hillary’s body-language
  • Hillary not likely to have killed 50+ people (not physically, Scott.  People, like Larry Nicholes, do it for her.)
  • Surprisingly, Scott seemingly apologizes for Hillary’s treason over her illegal use of a private email server.  (I’ve served eleven years Air Force and seven years civil service.  A lot of things in government don’t work properly, but email fucking isn’t one of them!  Besides, ignorance is no excuse — as any judge will tell us.  Hillary Clinton signed documents understanding the law governing classified information.  The information on that server, that she intentionally had destroyed, was government property.  Everything about how she is handling the email issue is criminal.  The difference between a movie in our heads and reality is — we can prove in a court of law that Hillary committed a treasonous crime and cover-up and that her minions are committing misprision of treason.  We can’t prove that Trump is another Hitler.  Hillary is using Nixon’s playbook . . . hopefully — likewise — to her own miserable end.  Hillary Clinton is a self-immolating witch.)
  • Scott’s law of slow moving disasters and climate change
  • Preventing election-rigging

All of Scott Adams’ Periscope replays auto-delete after 24 hours.  More videos are at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive.

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