Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee with Scott Adams (10-15-2016)

“If Hillary Clinton gets elected, there will never be another male president.”


  • Soliciting Dilbert ideas
  • Celebrity accusations
  • “By the way — anybody, who votes for Hillary Clinton, is fuckin’ dead to me.”
  • There are enough men, who themselves have been the subject of false accusations, who are going to vote for Trump for that reason alone
  • Scott uses the McMartin Preschool case as an example of how it is possible for Trump to be falsely accused by multiple women of being molested
  • Scott uses a recent event where a delusional woman left her husband and moved to Scott’s neighborhood because she believed that Scott had been communicating with her via his Dilbert comics (it’s not the first time it’s happened!)
  • Mass delusion is a common phenomenon — Scott puts odd of all of the women lying about Trumps unwanted advances at 40%
  • Scott uses the movie Octopussy (1983) for context on ‘male aggressive behavior’
  • “If Hillary Clinton gets elected, there will never another male president”
  • Prediction for next debate — Trump will win unless he is forced into defensive mode
  • Where in the world is Hillary Clinton?
  • “Would you vote for Gary Johnson if he decided to make me his advisor?”

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One thought on “Coffee with Scott Adams (10-15-2016)”

  1. Scott Adams has been sending me secret messages through the Dilbert strip as well. He says he is going to give me half his yearly income. Remind him of that next time you see him, please.

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