Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee with Scott Adams (10-20-2016)

This can be a companion video to Scott’s blog post:  I Score the Third Debate.


  • Scott’s take on the debate
  • Trump’s refusal to accept the election results is consistent with his negotiation practices
  • Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donna Brazile is proof of election rigging
  • You know how a rigged election is guaranteed (watch the video to find-out)
  • The large “parked vote” for Trump
  • Melt down!
  • What would happen if Trump offers to shave his head on camera the day after the election if he can get at least 20% of the African American vote?

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(The one hour overlap between WRH and Leykis, so I pay attention to both for about fifteen minutes and decided which is gripping me more that day.  It really sucks having to choose one for the other.)

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