Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee with Scott Adams 11-03-2016

This can be a companion video for Scott’s blog post: Same Candidates, Different Worlds.


  • There are two different realities being presented between FOX and CNN
  • Rudy Giuliani and prosecuting Hillary Clinton
  • Pardoning Hillary Clinton
  • Obama Obama Obama
  • Update on Scott’s new WhenHub app startup

Today’s Scott Adams Tweets

Scott Adams’ Periscope replays used to auto-delete after 24 hours.  I maintain the videos at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive and offline for historical purposes and for the public and media to use (right).  Twitter has already removed Vine.

These companion-posts are also useful as a searchable reference for Scott’s accumulating broadcasts .

You can follow Scott Adams’ Periscope broadcasts from his Twitter account: @ScottAdamsSays or his Gab account: @ScottAdams.

(You can follow me on Twitter @CyberDurden) or Gab @Cyberdurden)

This is my trifecta of daily listening.  (You should follow them too!)

I make videos too!

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