Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee with Scott Adams (11-04-2016)

This can be a companion video for Scott’s blog posts: Unhypnotizing a Clinton Supporter and Trump the Closer.


  • Spirit cooking with Scott Adams
  • Are we ever going to see a Clinton scandal that doesn’t involve sperm?
  • If you are a Trump supporter an investigation by the FBI is a big deal.  If you are a Clinton supporter it just sounds like, “bla bla bla.”
  • Scott discusses a talk he gave to Clinton supporters at Stanford university last night
  • Whenever there is crowd-related violence, usually it is Clinton supporters.
  • Republicans use guns for defense and hunting.   Democrats use guns to shoot people.
  • Satan worshiping
  • Scott needs evidence of government child sex ring conspiracies –(I’ll put this here . . . The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse)

Today’s Scott Adam’s Tweets

Scott Adams’ Periscope replays used to auto-delete after 24 hours.  I maintain the videos at the Scott Adams Periscope Archive and offline for historical purposes and for the public and media to use (right).  Twitter has already removed Vine.

These companion-posts are also useful as a searchable reference for Scott’s accumulating broadcasts .

You can follow Scott Adams’ Periscope broadcasts from his Twitter account: @ScottAdamsSays or his Gab account: @ScottAdams.

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This is my trifecta of daily listening.  (You should follow them too!)

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3 thoughts on “Coffee with Scott Adams (11-04-2016)”

  1. Oh wait…I think I just got Joe’s point. lol.
    Joe, that is no guarantee that sperm is not included with that pair,
    since they seem to favor what I call generically ‘extreme’ stuff.

    I get a little sick inside when I read some of the things these “people” do. I need a vacation from all this, but where to go anymore? -Gimme shelter!

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