German Media Are Silent: Civil War in 20 French Cities – Military-Equipped

Translated from: Journal Alternative Medien.

France sinks into civil war. The uprising of thousands of violent migrants has spread to more than 20 cities. The government in Paris has now commanded half of the army on its own streets with 125,000 soldiers. In addition, the rules on the use of firearms by the security forces have been relaxed. The migrant gangs have armed themselves and go to the policemen with Molotov cocktails and self-made weapons. German media largely ignore the events in the neighboring country.

France relaxes the rules on the use of firearms by the security forces. After an increasing number of policemen are attacked in the current civil war, including Molotov cocktails, they will be able to defend themselves in self-defense situations with their weapon. The city of Paris passed an appropriate law, so the police and gendarmerie are allowed to fire without warning, for example when a car approaches them. France sets, according to James Sandzik the half of his army on the streets a. Here, too, we find this statement on the use of the military:

“Representing France’s first wide-scale peacetime military operation on the mainland, Operation Sentinelle deploys fully-armed and uniformed combat troops to patrol public areas and protect key sites such as synagogues, art galleries, nursery schools, Métro stations and mosques.”

With the ” Operation Sentinelle “, the first military operation in France on the mainland, armed and uniformed combat troops were sent to the streets since 2016 to monitor public areas and protect important locations such as synagogues, art galleries, kindergartens, metro stations and mosques .

Exception since the Paris attacks in 2015

The last time was extended a state of emergency in France in December 2016: “terrorist threat” allows despotism: state of emergency is in France for extended fifth time . French Prime Minister François Hollande had imposed the exceptional condition after the Paris attacks of 13 November 2015 with 130 deaths. It has been extended several times, the last time after the assassination attempt of Nice with 86 dead in July.

Riots in downtown Paris

In recent nights, the riots spread from the center of Paris, in other cities it comes to attacks, reported the ” Express “. For example, 20 cities and the north of France are affected, for example Nantes in Brittany, Lille (capital of the Calais region) and Rouen in Normandy. The Tagesschau (at 1:00) reports for the first time that other cities are affected. For example, 20 cities and the north of France are affected, for example Nantes in Brittany, Lille (capital of the Calais region) and Rouen in Normandy. The Tagesschau (at 1:00) reports after days of silence the first time that other cities are affected.

15 February 2017: Paris in the Civil War

For days, there have been bourgeois-like riots in the Parisian suburbs, which are inhabited by migrants, and which continue to spread. Residents were asked not to leave their apartments.

On the weekend, after a demonstration against police force against a 22-year-old black-African Frenchman, massive violence broke out. Cars were set on fire, stones thrown, beaten and attacked the forces. Four police officers, who were accused of being overbearing, were charged with rape and suspended.

The five suburbs of Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Aulnay, Argenteuil, Bobigny and Tremblay-en-France, located east of Paris, are affected. In the affected district of Saint-Seine-Denis, there are 50,000 inhabitants.

The ” Express ” writes that the affected areas “on fire”. There are many videos on the Internet that show how masked men attack everything and light cars, including a disabled vehicle. The police are thrown with Molotov cocktails, reporters injured. They cause a massive mess on the streets, writes the “Express”.

The French administration fears a further spread of violence. The daily newspaper “Le Figaro” comments on the violent protests as follows:

“For 40 years, right-wing zones have been spreading on our territory. There were subsidies in billions, without any change. On the contrary, this money has often served to buy social peace. Even the unrest in November 2005, which spread all over France, did not serve as a lesson. As soon as the fires were extinguished, the drug bosses and impostors have brought their territories under control again. Almost 70 days before the presidential election, one can not count on the outgoing government to find adequate answers. “

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