19 thoughts on “Melania Trump Would Be the Hottest FLOTUS, Ever”

    1. Love your site, Whatreallyhappened, Mike.

      Can’t tell you how many times you broke a particular story or item which no one else in the media had the knowledge or the intelligence to see. Then weeks or sometimes months or even years later others would start to see what you saw. I always think to myself, “Rivero saw that happening weeks/months/years ago; why’d everyone else take so long. …”
      Thanks for keeping us informed of what REALLY happened!

  1. Let’s face it…..EVERY woman in Mr. Trump’s life is worthy of the Miss/Mrs. America/Universe title. This, in itself, speaks volumes about Donald and his ability to get the best in life.
    I don’t know what to call Trump. Do we call him Donald……or King Midas??

    1. Michael…..I adore you and live where you do! But seriously!?!?!?!?!?!? You are so much better and smarter than this!!!! All the women that Trump has married LOVED money and LOT”S AND LOT”S OF IT!!!! It has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM AS A PERSON…..I promise you that. Same goes for Mick Jagger, Rupert Murdoch, Larry King, etc, etc, etc. I am not in Melania’s league….but have assets of my own….and have used them when necessary. It is very EASY because the majority of ugly, gross, superficial men with money are so easy………………and even the hot ones can be quite easy. So guys, go grab your box of tissues and whenever you spot pre-cum dribbling out your craniums…..wipe it up and think about REAL stuff like the deep fecal matter we are in.

  2. Michael Rivero. I am FINALLY able to send you and your wife a message…..”keep up the excellent work”!!!! I visit your site every day and I LOVE IT!!! I am unemployed right now (who isn’t) otherwise I would support you financially. I mean it, if I had the money, it’d be on it’s way to you and Claire.

    Thank you both, for all you do for us.

    1. “Bull briskets: It was Mrs JFK, she was hot because she had class”

      So why did JFK feel the need to plug Marilyn Monroe’s leaky girl parts on the side if Mrs. JFK was all that? Maybe Mrs. JFK was rather conservative in the bedroom and didn’t get the president’s soldier to salute, you know?

  3. She hot … so what! Is that going to end the suffering of Americans, because butt heads like this author and Rivero are getting hot over Trump’s trophy wife … Really?

    People are having problems keeping food on the table and a roof over their heads. The us is committing war crimes and acts of terrorism. We are in a police state under an oligarchy but hey … the FL is hot and that makes everything alright!!

    Man we would be sooooo lucky to have a hot FL … our country’s in the crapper, but we got a hot FL … and that makes all the difference in the friggin world.

    1. 100% correct. Although, you have to admit, if the U.S. is in the “crapper” with AMERICANS (!) having problems keeping food on the table, a roof over their heads, the rogue government committing war crimes, and acts of terrorism, in a police state under an OLIGARCHY (“Committee of 300”) ~ would you rather that the country continue to go down the “crapper”, while you are forced to spend the next 4-8 years (possibly) looking at Hitlary Clinton, or would you rather be able to look at Melania Trump for (possibly) the next 4 years, with the distinct possibility that the country could get a SERIOUS positive economic boost, being run by a man with SERIOUS business-operational-financial sense?(!)

      Just a (valid) question.

  4. If we do a side by side with Bill can we at least make him wear a burkini? I don’t have any friends in the Lion’s Club to get new eyeballs if he has to wear a bikini and show his Monica weenie.

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