8 thoughts on “Over Forty Videos Showing Violence Toward Trump Supporters”

  1. These BLM people are Communist, they are paid by Soros a Communist, the Clintons and Obamma are Communist. Why don’t they show a picture of Lenin and Stallin? The Clintons and Obamma have been weened by Communist trainers.

  2. The more violent the Hillary supporters become, the more main stream Media hates him, the more the Elite make up trash about him…the more I want to vote for him.

    If the thugs hate him….its because they know their free ride is at an end..and justice will come back to America.

  3. If Hillary get elected, she will launch a progressively larger and larger round up of those who don’t agree with her politics. It will start with the demonization of white country folks that will be charged as racist klans men and then expanded. It would be characterized as neo Bolshevike genocide of the American people.

  4. The same thing happened to German National Socialists before their party won the elections. They responded by forming defense teams known as the Sturmabteilung that made history by defeating crowds of Communist assailants that greatly outnumbered them such as the historic Saalschlacht (“meeting hall battle”) of 1921.. Though historians have claimed that the Sturmabteilung disrupted political gatherings of opposition parties, I have been unable to find documented cases where they were their militant behavior was not in defense of their party members.

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