Vichy America

Boehner’s decision to invite a foreign head of government to address Congress without first consulting the sitting president has no precedent in American history. And for a simple reason. It’s unconstitutional.  (Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, REUTERS)

Johh “Philippe Pétain” Boehner

Johh “Philippe Pétain” Boehner

Vichy France was the government of Marshal Philippe Pétain‘s regime 1940–44 during World War II. It was based in the small city of Vichy but Paris remained the official capital. From 1940 to 1942, while nominally the government of France as a whole, Vichy only fully controlled the unoccupied zone in southern France while Germany occupied northern France. Following the Allied landings in French North Africa on 8 November 1942 southern France was also occupied by the Axis on 11 November 1942 through the enactment of Case Anton. The Vichy regime remained in existence, but was reduced to a puppet government by Germany. (Wikipedia)

Major Earthquake Will Happen in California Anytime Soon

MacDonald gained recognition in Canada for his posts to the Weather Network’s website.

His forecast predicting a Vancouver earthquake was featured on the program Tosh.0 and BuzzFeed called his Hurricane Isaac forecast, “the only forecast you need for Hurricane Isaac.”

MacDonald’s videos have turned him into a “internet weather-broadcasting sensation”, with several hundreds of thousands of views for some videos, his Minnesota forecast video reached over 150,000 views. His forecasts have been picked up by media throughout the world and he has given weather forecasts for the Nova radio network. in Australia.


“Panem Today, Panem, Tomorrow, Panam Forever,” from FEMA Region 10

What does all of this social and economic discord — most recently, the Ferguson protests and riots — have to do with coinciding with the recent release of Mocking Jay, part one?

I’ve already read the whole The Hunger Games trilogy by author Suzanne Collins, so I know how it ends.  I’m not going to tell you the ending, but I do have some thoughts on it.  Apparently — I noticed after doing a little looking — I am not the only one.

I suspect that if you are reading this page, then you are quite capable of participating in the concept of reading books.  With that being said, you can either read the books for yourself; or you can just wait and watch it unfold all around you in real-time — the next step in entertainment: Live, interactive theater fear-porn. 

Predictive programming (Just look for examples here). . . . a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by TPTB.

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