Russian ICBMs back on Combat Patrol

Translated from:  Russian Ministry of Defense (01-12-2017)

About 30 launchers PGRK “Topol” and the “yars” went on combat patrol routes from Tver to Irkutsk regions

These tactical exercises are conducted around the clock without any restrictions, including those in harsh climatic and weather conditions. They will check the readiness of personnel, as well as weapons and military equipment to long-term bearing of duty on combat patrol routes.

During the lessons will be worked out measures to bring the units and subunits of the compounds in readiness for the conclusion in the field areas, the output missile battalions mobile ground missile complex (PGRK) on combat patrol routes and alert duty in the field positions in conditions close to the fighting.

Particular attention during the practical actions of troops will be given to counter air and ground (conditionally) the enemy, reflecting the attacks of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, survivability and combat missions in difficult conditions. One of the priorities will be the testing of a wide range of questions to identify, block and destroy conventional sabotage and reconnaissance groups at night.

For aerial reconnaissance UAV will be used.

For these events attracted nearly 1,000 recruits who have mastered the basic training program.

In the winter period of training in the SMF is planned for more than 130 combat training, including – tactical maneuvers and exercises with missile regiments and missile divisions, as well as a number of command-and-staff exercises with missile forces and formations under the leadership of the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces and the commanders of missile armies.

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