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Coffee or Tea with Scott Adams from London (10-11-2016)


  • We’ve basically whittled our presidential decision down to the candidates’ private thoughts.
  • “So, you think the GOP sabotaged it’s own candidate?” (And it begins to unravel on ‘Pussygate’!)
  • Scott is sticking to his prediction of 98%  of winning in a landslide
  • Poll numbers do not have credibility anymore
  • War with Russia and terrorist cell phones
  • A market collapse is going to happen
  • Carrie Fisher says that Trump’s sniffing signifies cocaine? (Confirmation bias?)
  • Trump’s pacing and the fly that God sent
  • Story of Bill Clinton’s ‘illegitimate’ son and maintaining the black vote
  • The outcome of the election now depends on the appearance of a black swan
  • The last question of the debate

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