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Coffee with Scott Adams (09-30-2016)

“The only way that Clinton can win is by convincing half of the country that we’re actually in the middle of a Nazi uprising. Now how dangerous is that? I mean think about it. How dangerous is it to convince — and actually effectively convince — half of the country that they’re right in the middle of a Nazi revolution? Like that’s the movie playing in half of the country’s head right now . . . in their movie [in their heads], they are actually actors in a play — or in a movie, let’s call it — in which they’re in the middle of an actual revolution by Nazis.”


  • Scott talks Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)
  • The so-called ‘Miss Piggy’ situation and Trump
  • Scott and Kristina planning a trip to London
  • Using the power of persuasion, responsibly
  • People who are being harassed for being Trump supporters
  • The Clinton campaign has convinced its flock that Trump is the second-coming of Adolf Hitler
  • How Scott would have handled the ‘Birther’ question during the first debate
  • Health benefits of marijuana

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