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Remember When Election Year Sign Stealing was Just a Game of Cat and Mouse?

Election 2008 — I was for Ron Paul, but the home owner where I lived had an Obama sign in the yard, and I respected that.   That kind of respect is nonexistent in the 2016 campaign.  Toward the end of the 2008 campaign period, the sign disappeared; so we reviewed the home’s security footage which revealed that someone was sneaking-up to the house via the drainage ditch.  We put another sign in the yard tethered to an alarm, and the games ensued.

It turned-out that the sign-grabbing spree on our yard was the result of kids from the local catholic high school getting an adrenaline thrill from the chase and seeing their escapades on the news.  We even  got an apologetic visit from their principal after the kids outed themselves by bragging on the videos’ comments sections.

Now watch this embedded Twitter video (download and distribute it too!). Election 2016 is the craziest election — ever.

This is not the only video showing violence toward Trump supporters by Clinton supporters.  There are over forty more here.  Why?  Probably because “in their movie [in their heads], they are actually actors in a play — or in a movie, let’s call it — in which they’re in the middle of an actual revolution by Nazis.”  YouTube removed it from its  site because YouTube is biased toward Hillary, but the internet never forgets.

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