Twitter Support Claims that They Fixed My Account, but They Didn’t. They Are Still Confused with My Complaint.

This is Twitter’s latest reply to my request to have my broken account fixed.

Twitter Support’s response to customer support ticket

This was my reply, which was nearly identical to the first support ticket;


Who informed you that the problem has been resolved?  It has NOT been resolved.  It worked for a few hours; then, it stopped working again.  I will use my band’s Twitter account as an example (again) for how my interactions don’t work with every account with which I attempt to interact.

If I post a reply to another account, (In this case it’s to @FralexNine) I see my tweets on my end.

This is how my replies to others’ tweets looks from my account.

When I log into my band’s Twitter account, I see NOTHING. This happens with every account with which I attempt to interact.  Look at this example, please:

This is what other accounts see when I reply to their tweets . . . NOTHING!

Something isn’t right.  I’m in a container or have some kind of restriction on my account and somebody at Twitter knows it.  Please do not close this ticket until Twitter fixes the problem.

I will continue to publicly document my interactions with Twitter Support / Twitter Blue on my blog until SOMEONE with enough clout makes something happen to fix the problem.

This is the blog post that I made last time.  EVERYONE who saw it understood what I was saying to Twitter Support — except for Twitter Support (apparently).

Today is literally my birthday.  Would you please just fix this for me?  That would be a perfect present.

– CD 

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