Vichy America

Boehner’s decision to invite a foreign head of government to address Congress without first consulting the sitting president has no precedent in American history. And for a simple reason. It’s unconstitutional.  (Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, REUTERS)

Johh “Philippe Pétain” Boehner

Johh “Philippe Pétain” Boehner

Vichy France was the government of Marshal Philippe Pétain‘s regime 1940–44 during World War II. It was based in the small city of Vichy but Paris remained the official capital. From 1940 to 1942, while nominally the government of France as a whole, Vichy only fully controlled the unoccupied zone in southern France while Germany occupied northern France. Following the Allied landings in French North Africa on 8 November 1942 southern France was also occupied by the Axis on 11 November 1942 through the enactment of Case Anton. The Vichy regime remained in existence, but was reduced to a puppet government by Germany. (Wikipedia)

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  1. Why was Boehner ever allowed to commit this act which almost amounts to high treason?
    And why have Boehner et alii not yet been dragged into court?

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