Why People are Scared of Clowns

As a feature of circuses since time began, clowns have taken on a separate identity as being unpredictable and scary. David Barnnett looks at why people fear these supposedly fun creatures

Clowns: joyful, brightly-coloured purveyors of fun and frolics, or sinister, leering creatures with anything but happiness on their minds?

If you fall into the former camp, you seem to be in a minority. Despite their protestations that all they want to do is help you have a good time, clowns are viewed by most of us as something deeply disturbing.

Which is possibly why every now and again a rash of sightings surfaces somewhere in the world of a creepy clown that puts the rumour mill in a tailspin and has parents calling in their children at dusk.  (read more)

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