Coffee with Scott Adams Fort Marcy Park

Coffee with Scott Adams (10-03-2016)

This can be a companion video for Scott’s blog posts:  Presidential Temperament and The Week I Became a Target.  Scott went into detail about presidential temperament during yesterday’s Periscope session.


  • Being targeted by Clinton’s trolls (for real)
  • Trump’s tax leak to the New York Times caused an unexpected ripple effect of smart people explaining taxes to their dumb friends
  • Scott explains taxes and economics to his Periscope audience
  • Polls are more art than science?
  • Julian Assange’s new Wikileaks will be unremarkable
  • Trip to the UK with Kristina

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One thought on “Coffee with Scott Adams (10-03-2016)”

  1. Smart people have a copy of Title 26 and have found no law that requires them to pay taxes. Smart people know that they are not a ‘person’ and realize just how immense this scam is.

    Oh, and only dumb people use smart technology.

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